Black Mold Assessment

Testing for Black Mold DamageBlack Mold and Moisture Damage

Mold is an extremely invasive substance and is present as dry, dusty particles in most homes. When too much moisture accumulates on building surfaces, those dry spores transform into a potentially dangerous layer of invasive mold.

Mold is not only unsightly – it can be unhealthy for your family. Mold spores permeate the air and can cause a host of health issues including nasal stuffiness, wheezing, eye irritation and skin irritation and inflammation. Exposure to mold can also aggravate existing health conditions such as asthma, and may cause allergic reactions in some people.

The key to stopping mold reactions is swift and thorough clean-up of all affected areas. Every mold infestation is different, and Hydro-Logic will inspect your home from top to bottom to identify and address possible mold spots. Our team of experts are highly trained in all aspects of mold identification and removal, and will provide you with a detailed explanation of mold concerns prior to cleanup for completely personalized service.

Indoor air quality tests are just one of the services Hydro-Logic offers to protect the integrity of your home. Our indoor air quality tests scan your home for a range of possible pollutants, including mold, radon, carbon monoxide, and other volatile organic compounds. Our tests are some of the most thorough in the industry, exploring every area of your home or business. Once we’ve identified possible contaminants, our highly-trained technicians begin the clean-up process to restore your valuable property to its formerly clean, pollutant-free glory.

Hydro-Logic does more than inspect homes and small businesses; we also provide valuable industrial hygiene services to evaluate and eliminate health hazards on the job. If your business had an accidental exposure to chemicals or other irritants, or you just want an evaluation of your overall safety model, contact us today for an in-depth assessment of your policies and procedures.


  • Site Investigation of soil, ground water, surface water, and air quality.
  • Feasibility analysis and pilot testing of any necessary cleanup requirements.
  • Implementation of cleanup and/or monitoring technologies
  • Turnkey project management, geological and engineering capabilities.
If you would like to contact us about our black mold & moisture testing services, please feel free to call or fill out the form on our contact page. You can call us at the following number, (727) 724-8337.


Black Mold Investigation Results

Here are some photographs of our investigation results for black mold and moisture testing. If this looks like your home, please call us immediately to schedule an inspection.