• Black Mold Testing

    We handle all forms of black mold investigation and remediation.

  • Indoor Air Quality

    We clear your air filtration systems and ensure your indoor air quality is top notch.

  • Water Quality Evaluation

    We evaluate water ph, nitrate, and oxygen levels in addition to remediation.

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Hydro-Logic Associates, inc

Since 1993, Hydro-Logic Associates, Inc. has provided comprehensive consulting and engineering services in the environmental and water resource fields to a diverse group of clients. Project professionals from Hydro-Logic regularly work and complete projects with consumers and professionals from multiple companies and industries. This list includes, but is not limited to, oil companies, agricultural facilities, other major industrial companies, municipalities, land developers and builders.

Indoor Air Quality

Hydro-Logic has a strong history of providing proper evaluation of potential air-quality health hazards in residential, commercial and industrial zones. Our air quality testing services aim to provide control over air health hazards with a combination of hygiene control programs designed to help determine the best and most efficient resolution.

Black Mold

Mold is an extremely invasive substance and is present as dry, dusty particles in most homes. When too much moisture accumulates on building surfaces, those dry spores transform into a potentially dangerous layer of invasive mold.

About Us

Hydro-Logic is a full service environmental consulting firm with current offices located in Clearwater, Florida and Brighton, Michigan. We have provided countless services to our clients in approximately 40 states.

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1940 Soule Road
Clearwater, Florida

Phone : (727) 724-8337
Email : info@hydro-logic.org